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Almighty Oprah just can’t leave Rihanna alone

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and my ego is this bigDamn Oprah!

“Let me tell you why she got back with him, in my opinion,” Winfrey said. “If you go back with a man who hits you, it is because you don’t feel you’re worthy of being with a man who won’t.”

Oprah we all know that you can move mountains but everything that is in the media doesn’t require your involvement. Rihanna is a grown woman and if she wants to stay with Chris, that’s her business. Once upon a time I was a fan of Chris but then I turn 17. However, lately I’ve been watching “This Christmas” and happy to report that one of my fave radio station’s haven’t taken Chris out of rotation (Sirius 50). So forgive me Oprah, but shut the fuck.



Time to Criticize…

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blackoutAnother blog. Now I hate to do this but this certain blog has taken it’s fan base and truly believes that it is in fact a brand name. The only blogs that I know that should have it’s logo or a catch phrase (clue #1) on a shirt are Fresh (Crunk+Disorderly), Necole Bitchie, The  Creole Pimp (Baby Daniel) and Perez Hilton(homeboy/girl is on tour with Britney Spears FYI). Now I have made many references to this blog and even posted numerouslinks to the blog itself (clue #2) but since this Chris and Rhianna circus has started, that’s all they chose to post! Also, they were the ring leader in this mess by proclaiming that Rhianna gave Chris an STD (clue #3). Last clue, back when I was Lamb Chop and The Urban Blogger was the best place to get an audience, this blog was often the topic of distaste in our forums.

Chris Brown losing support

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chris-brown-picture-1I told you this story is becoming a circus. So over at the Rap Basement, they are reporting that T.I. and Terrance Howard have taken back their statements of support and kindness for Chris Brown. When in the hell did T.I. become a “Big Bother” to hip hop? The only reason he’s putting on the show of a “changed man” is because that ass got caught and is about to do time. Looking back on my post about this Chris Brown Rhianna story, my “side” seems unclear. Allow me to clear it up, I feel for Rhianna I really do but I think she is needs to get some of this bad press too. Chris wasn’t the only one in that car nor relationship. I’ve never prayed for a celebrity (other than Aaliyah) but I will truly put and keep Chris in my prayers because this is some shit.

Crank that…

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souljadance2_468x312When will these “Crank that…” dances stop? Let’s see there’s crank that Superman, Crank that Homeless man, Crank that Ricky bobby, Crank that Temptations, Crank that bird walk. Then there are dances such as ‘My Dougie’, the Stanky leg, the Booty-do and so on. Are these dances legitimate? Are these dances all the rave at our local Jr. High schools? When will it stop? The future is grim for any future dance move to be made because it looks as if we’re clusterfucked when it comes time for family get togethers. I know damn well that my grandmother will not ‘Crank that Bird walk’ nor she does have a ‘Dougie’. Maybe this is all some humiliating ruse by Flava Flav…yeah, that’s what it is…since his ass looks like a real live Blackface, we all should act like one.

Time to criticize: Lupe Fiasco

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lupefiasco-bw1Let me make this as clear as I can, I absolute adore this man. Now having said that, Lu what the duck happened on “The Cool”? He went from the underdog who was fine with that label and didn’t boast about this skills, but let his music speak for itself, as it should. Then he crept away, a la Kelis, spent a few more hours in the lab  and watched BET to find the right formula that would make him more mainstream. So what did we get for his efforts? “The Cool”. Not don’t get me wrong, he does have some “jaw droppin, ear poppin” (copyright Stephen Colbert) tracks but nothing that even compares to “American Terrorist” from “Food and Liquor”. “The Cool” does have more tracks that I’ll mostly likely hear on my local radio but at what price? What I’m saying is this: he’s too mainstream. I love new artist whom do have a purpose but I greatly lose interest in them after the music industry gets to them. Peep the fan made video for “American Terrorist” below.