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NEW VIDEO: If You Seek Amy

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It’s plain to what Britney is talking about. Why in the hell are the Spears heavy on my blog?

Speaking of cooter….

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In the following video, Briney informs us that her vajay jay was out.

You can take the girl out of the country, but…ahhh….you know the rest.

When all else fails…

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close your mouth JamieTurn country. With Britney doing all this good like giving to others and not showing her cooter, Jamie Lynn doesn’t want to be left out. It has been reported that even though Jamie Lynn Spears hasn’t been in the spotlight, she has been working on a country album. Jessica Simpson tried that and I remember Bobby Brown being on that country show. Country just ain’t the way to go. But to attempt to sell this “singing career”, people have noted that she sang the theme song for her show Zoey 101. Solange sang the theme song to the Proud Family, so what?