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What the duck is Twitter?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on March 11, 2009 by soicalcritic

Twitter maddnessIf you have been by any media outlet, for the past two weeks the hot topic has been Twitter. I mean it’s been on CNN, The Soup, Best Week Ever and other junk. My question to you is, what the fuck is Twitter? I have one but it is rather pointless. In the post below, Puff Daddy aka Puffy aka Poppa Diddy Poppa ($5 in your Paypal to the first person who can tell me what video that’s from) even mentions it. He even attempts to break it down for Dory but it still didn’t help me understand all this hype. Maybe you can help?

Thank You John Stewart!


*Update*And it just hit the fan..

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mtv-awards-chris-brown-rihanna-2So TMZ has gotten word that the unknown woman was in fact Rihanna (duh!) and here’s the new part to me, it was with a deadly weapon. Since Bossip(everyone and their damn mama) was the first legit blog to post this story to the net that I know, I’m gonna have to go with Bossip and say that Rhianna and that nasty ass mouth of hers gave Chris herpes. Two questions: Whose the real victim? And who in the hell did she get it from? Now if there is a “cold sore” breakout amongst the Carters, I will shit twice and die. The possibilities for the story are endless.


**Now TMZ is reporting there was no deadly weapon..ehhh

Blame it on the Dro

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So the above picture (minus the Art Maggot magic touch) has been causing a lot of hoopla. The picture is from last year of Micheal Phelps and I think it truly isn’t harmful. He’s 23 people! I don’t think it’s this monstrous thing. How many rapper artist incorporate their love of “dro” into their lyrics? I really would rather not get into this but I will post the link to Blacklipped Whoopie’s defense for Phleps.Click this.