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Rihanna parties for parting ways with Chris

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rihanna2March 29- It’s rumored that Rihanna and some friends had a ‘secret’ party in which supposedly a few friends and record label members toasted to her ended relationship with Chris Brown because it will ‘ruin her career’. It’s nice to see that the record industry is still as cut-throat as ever. What Chris did was horrible but whose place is it to tell her to leave the relationship? That’s something that I think she should decide on her own.

Live your life Rihanna. Damn, that even sounded corny to me.

Fuck it.

Last night Sonic the Hedgehog (Charles Hamilton speak) had a small fender bender. Well it was her driver, not her. Click the source 2 link to see the video footage.

[source 1, source 2]


I remember these siamese cats.

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laze-royalFrom where? I can’t remember but I’m about to put The Google to good use. I think you should really listen to these 19 year old twin brothers track:


They aren’t lyrically gifted and are caught in the glamour of making music and having fans. But this is a party song, no lie. I’m sure as soon as I download this, my little sister is going to blast this during our daily driving lessons I give her. After listening to it twice Pharrell is already sounding a bit annoying. Damn Zshare. Thanks for the email Jay Boogie.

President’s Day Celebration

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angie_browzLast night in New York, Angie Martinez  hosted the President’s Day weekend bash where the new T-Pain (Ron Browz) performed. People grinded, gyrated and got drunk all in the name of Obama. I can’t fight the funk, Ron Browz does look kinda cute up there, bottle in hand. I could have made a “Pop Champagne” joke or something, but it would have been lame as fuck.


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