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Just Because…

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…if I smoked, I would blaze to this. But I paid attention and took notes when McGruff the Crime Dog visited my class back in the day. Like I said, this song is mellow as hell and Jaiden only made it that much better.

I dig it. Still.

Emo Rappers: Explain XXL.

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Kanye WestSo over at XXL, the staff posted an article titled “Emo Trippin“. As always, they just had to pick with Kanye West and his performance at the Youth Inaugural Ball. And of course they attempted to chop Kanye for his New Edition shag and his tuxedo. Okay XXL, why in the hell are you attempting to bash Kanye about being emo (Heartless, which,despite what they think, is a certified banger) but haven’t touched on Lil Wayne for this Prom Queen shit? This damn Tree Monkey (Superhead speak) really does think that his ass is a rockstar huh? I haven’t seen a article about how high school emo schoolboy Wayne sounds though.I leave you with this:

“And no matter what, you’ll never take that from me/ My reign is as far as my eye can see”–“Amazing”

The “Every Girl” video in the works

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It’s funny how when artist like Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell first hit the scene, they got the shaft when it came to their attire? Now this skateboarder style is every effinwhere? I guess everything really does have a season. But anyway, I posted “Every Girl” a few weeks ago and I looking for the video. I can only imagine the edited radio verison because that song is full of filth. And I love it.

Hovie’s not too happy

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jay-zSo Contact Musicis reporting that Mr.Carter himself is far from happy about the beating that Rhianna took. Now I know that yesterday said that would be my last post about these two, but I promise you I’m hearing stories how Rhianna broke a glass on Chris’s face in times past, then Bossip has got everybody thinking she gave him herpes which doesn’t really fit in the suppose rant and fist-to-face contact she gave him over a phone call. There are countless numbers of stories going on about these two. I truly don’t think we will ever get the full story but this is the ‘net so bullshit stories will be passed from gossip site to gossip site.

I do feel mighty scared for Chris because Kanye and the ROC man himself are far from pleased about this. You thought this fake ass beef between 50 cent and Rick Ross was bad, this shit is about to get ugly for Chris. Everything, and I do mean everything, he’s ever done is about to come to the light in the form of mixtapes, record spins, Shade 45  jokes (Rude Jude is mean as fuck so I know he got a few jokes) and every other media outlet. This shit is getting so ridiculous that then I’ve decided to give it it’s own tag.

Beyonce and Jigga’s peen

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beyonce_sucking_dickThe last post of the night, the gossip mill is dead. But Hate on Beyonce is a fool!

My President is Black (remix)

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To keep it going with the all the all things Obama theme that just about every blog on these joyful internets has going on, let me post “My President is Black (remix)” Young Jeezy featuring Jay Z and Nas.