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Thank you Gabriel Falcon

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Adji Desir

The world seems to stopped the day a small white child goes missing. Nancy Grace is still milking the death of Caylee on her show and Headline News is going apeshit over missing Haleigh Cummings. I truly do have sympathy fortheir families but ther are other missing other children.

“Adji Desir is one of those children. And this is his story. On January 20th, the 7-year-old went outside his grandmother’s house in Immokalee, Florida. He was going to play with other kids in the neighborhood. But Adji never returned home. He was last seen at around 5:30 in the afternoon.

The F.B.I. has classified Adji as a missing person. On the agency’s web site, it says he has special needs, limited vocabulary and speaks on the level of a two-year-old child. He apparently only understands Creole.”


Gabriel Falcon is a writer for Anderson Cooper’s AC360.


Stimulus package breakdown

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Don’t fight the funk, you have no idea what the stimulus package is do you? If not, The Critic is here to help bring your dumb ass up to speed. CNN got clever and helped us slow folks out by breaking it down for us. Click this link to know whats going on in our country. Don’t worry, there’s a picture, it’ll help keep your attention. I got you.

Kid’s health bill passed

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The almighty CNN is reporting that House of Representatives passed the bill to expand children health care on Friday. This mainly happened because we all know that the Democrats are the majority and nearly every Democrats voted for this bill in a 290-135 vote. President Obama is to sign this bill on Wednesday. Head over to CNNto get the full report. I’m glad to see that President Obama is taking no lazy days and is set on repairing America.

Blame it on the Dro

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So the above picture (minus the Art Maggot magic touch) has been causing a lot of hoopla. The picture is from last year of Micheal Phelps and I think it truly isn’t harmful. He’s 23 people! I don’t think it’s this monstrous thing. How many rapper artist incorporate their love of “dro” into their lyrics? I really would rather not get into this but I will post the link to Blacklipped Whoopie’s defense for Phleps.Click this.

Senator Oprah???

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Today is the starting day for Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment trail which he is boycotting and feels his time would be better spent on doing interviews on the talk show circut. Eh. But early this morning on Good Morning America, he confrimed to Diana Swayer that he did in fact consider Oprah to take President Obama’s old Senate seat. Now if this were to ever happen, then I do believe it wouldn’t be long before the Almighty Oprah would be ruling the world. She gave out cars just because she could, what have you done for the people lately Hilary? Click this to get the CNN report. And keep your ears and eyes on all things Oprah to get her thoughts on this

McCain on Larry King tonight!

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McCain 2008So Larry King has snagged a interview with Senator John McCain tonight on Larry King Live. I can only imagine the questions that are going to be asked.

It’s a new day!

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This is President Obama (doesn’t it  feel good to simply read that but so much to know that it’s no longer a dream but a reality?) first full day as The Commander-in-Chief. Even though him and The First Lady danced at 50 million different balls last night, he’s hitting the ground running. Unlike most of us just waking up from our post-inauguration drunkenness, President Obama was up bright and early this morning. Click here to get CNN’s full report and click thisto view’s “New Day”.