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Rihanna parties for parting ways with Chris

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rihanna2March 29- It’s rumored that Rihanna and some friends had a ‘secret’ party in which supposedly a few friends and record label members toasted to her ended relationship with Chris Brown because it will ‘ruin her career’. It’s nice to see that the record industry is still as cut-throat as ever. What Chris did was horrible but whose place is it to tell her to leave the relationship? That’s something that I think she should decide on her own.

Live your life Rihanna. Damn, that even sounded corny to me.

Fuck it.

Last night Sonic the Hedgehog (Charles Hamilton speak) had a small fender bender. Well it was her driver, not her. Click the source 2 link to see the video footage.

[source 1, source 2]

Rihanna too ashamed to be seen with Chris

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I thought that just maybe the circus around these two was about to die down, but I guess not.

“Rihanna is worried about the response she’ll receive when people see her out and about holding hands with Chris,” a friend of the Barbadian songstress has been quoted as telling Britain’s Star magazine. “She still loves Chris very much and, although she’s forgiven him privately, she’s not prepared for the backlash from her fans.”

I’m not going to say anything about this because although I blog and talk nothing but shit, I know when to keep my mouth closed out of respect. But once again, this is all Oprah’s fault.


Almighty Oprah just can’t leave Rihanna alone

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and my ego is this bigDamn Oprah!

“Let me tell you why she got back with him, in my opinion,” Winfrey said. “If you go back with a man who hits you, it is because you don’t feel you’re worthy of being with a man who won’t.”

Oprah we all know that you can move mountains but everything that is in the media doesn’t require your involvement. Rihanna is a grown woman and if she wants to stay with Chris, that’s her business. Once upon a time I was a fan of Chris but then I turn 17. However, lately I’ve been watching “This Christmas” and happy to report that one of my fave radio station’s haven’t taken Chris out of rotation (Sirius 50). So forgive me Oprah, but shut the fuck.


Some good news for Chris Brown(UPDATED)

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thats that Marlon Waynes smile(March 10) – NEW YORK – Nickelodeon says it has no plans to remove Chris Brown as a nominee for its annual ‘Kids’ Choice Awards,’ despite the singer’s felony charges for allegedly beating up his girlfriend Rihanna. Many are protesting the nomination because the show’s winners are chosen by online votes, which means Brown could walk away with awards for favorite male singer and favorite song for ‘Kiss Kiss.’
From jumpstreet, I’ve tried my hardest to support Chris. I’m glad that I finally have some postive news to report in news relating to Chris Brown.

Chris and Rihanna: back to work

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dodge that bullet

So according to E!, both Chris Brown and Rihanna are both heading back to work.

E! News has learned that Brown is hard at work on a new album while in Los Angeles. The 19-year-old R&B singer has been spotted at Glenwood Place studios in Burbank throughout the week, after dark, usually very late at night. Brown was also seen laying down tracks at a studio in Miami two weeks ago while he andRihanna were reportedly reconciling atDiddy‘s mansion.

And girlfriend(?) Rihanna:

Her Grammy-winning producer Adonis Shropshire tells Hiphollywood.comthat the 21-year-old “Disturbia” singer is easing back into her work.”You have to remember, she’s a kid still,” he says. “So with anybody who goes through something in the world, you have to bring yourself out of it, so I guess her refuge is her music.”

I can only imagine what these two are singing about. Whatever they make, we are going to say it’s about the other.


CNN coverage of Chris+Rihanna

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zit poppinIsn’t CNN supposeto report world, news not Hollywood news? I’m rather annoyed by CNN lately. Let’s see, tonight the top and only stories they have to report are going to be the Lady in the Shoe (OctoMom), Chris’ day in court and Haleigh Cummings. It never changes. Now, I’venever seen Chris or Rhianna on CNN until now. But this is my blog and my thoughts.

Chris charged with two felonies

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Chris Brown

“R&B singer Chris Brown was charged by the District Attorney’s office today with felony counts of assault and making criminal threats in connection with a February incident in which his girlfriend allegedly was physically attacked,” the statement reads, not naming Rihanna as the victim, per department policy on such domestic-violence matters — although it later refers to the victim as “Robyn F.” Rihanna’s given name is Robyn Fenty.

Even though I have made it clear that it’s none of mine nor yours business, I’m pissed. From what I heard Rhianna isn’t even helping with the investigation.Well one of your favorite blog is once again, boosting another rumor that these two are getting married. I doubt that becausethat STD story they were attempting to feed us, has died. I don’t blog for a day and that’s when Hollywood decides to go ape shit.