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JT denies engagement rumors

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and heres the funny part...Last Friday, Justin told Oprah that he is not engaged. I guess Oprah. His real purpose was to promote his clothing line, William Rast. I’m rather tired of celebs having this ‘I can conquer and do all’ attitude. Please stop with the alcohol lines, restaurants, ‘actting’ roles, clothing lines, shoe line, make up lines, record deals and what else you can think of. You think your a brand name, we get it already. But how many of these business ventures make it past the 5 year mark?


Almighty Oprah just can’t leave Rihanna alone

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and my ego is this bigDamn Oprah!

“Let me tell you why she got back with him, in my opinion,” Winfrey said. “If you go back with a man who hits you, it is because you don’t feel you’re worthy of being with a man who won’t.”

Oprah we all know that you can move mountains but everything that is in the media doesn’t require your involvement. Rihanna is a grown woman and if she wants to stay with Chris, that’s her business. Once upon a time I was a fan of Chris but then I turn 17. However, lately I’ve been watching “This Christmas” and happy to report that one of my fave radio station’s haven’t taken Chris out of rotation (Sirius 50). So forgive me Oprah, but shut the fuck.


For you Oprah(UPDATED)

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The Almighty OneSo early this morning I had this amazing idea of creating a soundtrack for the Almighty Oprah! Now, back in checkout girl days, I was in heaven when the magazine guy would bring in the new shipment of magazines. Well at the end of the month after read all the quality magazines, I would read King. And I feel in love! The magazine is crazy funny. My favorite section is the soundtrack of a person’s life. Allow me to take a whack at it:

I Am…Oprah Fierce

  1. Diva
  2. Hero
  3. The Greatest Love of All(the Randy Watson verison of course)
  4. The Sweetest Love ( an ode for Gale)
  5. I am every Woman (once upon a time she was the combined weight of me, my mother, my sister and my mother’s twin sister and she was on of those Eddie Murphy aunt’s
  6. If I ruled the World (doesn’t she already?)
  7. Me, Myself and I
  8. Unstoppable(remix)– Instead of Stanogold, Drake should have gotten Oprah to do the hook.

Shoutout to my younger cousin, Mark. That’s for helping your wild and loud cousin out this morning by supplying a track or two, my Oprah bless your heart.

Oh yeah, and word to Martha from Oprah: “Martha Stewart ain’t got shit on me!”

Some Oprah funny

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All this talk about Oprah has me itching to watch Debora Wilson as The Almighty Oprah on a skit on Mad TV…

Gotta love that Debora Wilson!


Senator Oprah???

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Today is the starting day for Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment trail which he is boycotting and feels his time would be better spent on doing interviews on the talk show circut. Eh. But early this morning on Good Morning America, he confrimed to Diana Swayer that he did in fact consider Oprah to take President Obama’s old Senate seat. Now if this were to ever happen, then I do believe it wouldn’t be long before the Almighty Oprah would be ruling the world. She gave out cars just because she could, what have you done for the people lately Hilary? Click this to get the CNN report. And keep your ears and eyes on all things Oprah to get her thoughts on this