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For Sam.I.Am

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click the link


The new poker face

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kid cudi catching the cancer

I Poke Her Face — Kid Cudi ft Kanye West and Common

Shit knocks, right?

Holographic Double makes some acknowledgements

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I don’t know how this cat is but the link to this video was posted on Boxden (Slumz of Boxden). So I clicked and tuned it to this…

Friday Crockpot

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Bruno is hott!

  • New flicks of Bruno– AceShow Biz
  • ‘Ye and Amber Rose in, what else, new Louie ads- Bossip
  • Lindsay Lohan is playing the baby mama roll…ya’know…minus the baby-Celebitchy

You know you’ve made it when…

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…there is a dance made in your honor.  View the video below.

In all honesty, the guy in the center for the entire first minute was more than enough for me. When he left the frame, I click that pretty pause button and opened a new window. Frankie (Keyshia Cole’s mother) is never going to get away from this crackhead rap. I wasn’t a fan of that show but I have seen a clip or two of Frankie acting a damn fool. I refuse to post videos because my face gets warm for Keyshia like it did that one time my friends mother came to the school in hair rollers and a bath room plus flippy floppies. You just don’t do that.

This is why I love…

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…Nina Sky (I love when Nat put some stank on it). I’ve always been a fan of theirs. I was very disapponited that their debut album didn’t move too much. I dug the album very much. Especially when they were the first to singing to scream ‘turn me on’ with this one. That was a hot track. Pee their new video ‘On some Bullshit’.

Just Because….

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…posting this once isn’t enough. I’ve been treating my blog life a stepchild latley but finals are right around the corner. But I’ll be back to feed and burp you ‘marks’ Monday, bright and early. Have a nice weekend.