Celtic vs 76ers (last nights game)

DAVIS did his thing last night with 15 pointsI haven’t watched a NBA game in years ; I was on my Candace Parker and Chris Lofton shit and now that he is one ball-less and oversea and she’s about to pop and in the WNBA, I have to turn my attention back  to the NBA. Well last night, I tuned in to watch the Sixers put the Celtics to work. Now if you don’t know, 2 out of the 4 star players for the Celtics were M.I.A in last night’s game (Ray Allen landed his elbow due another players groin in the last game and Kevin Garnett was out to rest his knee). But Pierce picked up the slack by making 7 out of 9 threes and sticking to Iguodala like Oprah to Obama’s dick in the last second of the game.

I think Iguodala is an amazing player he’s just on a horrible team ( like Kidd was once apon a time). Anyway, tonight the 76ers play the Calavliers tonight. Bless their hearts because they’ll need a mircle to win this one.


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