Jamie Foxx on Miley Cyrus

blame it on somebody

“You comedians go too far with the jokes” — Buddy Love (Nutty Professor)

Jamie, Jamie, Jamie! Now I’ve been a fan of Jamie’s since ‘In Living Color’ and ‘The Jamie Foxx’ show funny as hell, but I’m laughing for another reason today (not the ‘acting’ in the Blame it video). Click that big ass play button below.

As mean as those bullies with mics were, it was funny as shit. Miley shouldn’t have said what she said and now the wolves with jokes have grabbed hold of her. Po’ baby. Had we been in Miley’s hometown, Jamie’s ass would be in a tree some damn where. But off of that racial stuff (I’m a black woman so need to dial up the NAACP), was Jamie wrong?

As a grown man yes he was but Miley also has a 20 year old boyfriend (she’s 16 I think, all types of wrong) so her dad and his pancake makeup think she’s grown up enough. To help my point, watch the video below.

Even though he’s funny as hell, there’s truth behind the joke. So once again, was Jamie wrong?


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