Twilight- the religion

Okay, my moms was a Trekkie, I was (and still am) a die hard Harry Potter fans but these ‘Twilight’ fanatics are on another level. Trekkie’s and Potter fans wear customs (not me or moms tho,while not in public) while ‘Twilight’ fans worship the book.

“Their creed, say the Cullenists, includes a base set of beliefs that ‘Edward and the rest of the Twilight characters are real,’ that ‘[t]he Twilight series should be worshipped,’ and that ‘[i]f you are good in life, you will be bless[ed] with eternity with the Cullens.”


This is way a few of my friends in jr high couldn’t read Harry Potter, some people take this shit too far. Yeah I get my 5 year-old-boy on after I see ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Spiderman’, ‘X-Men’ or ”Transformers’ (meaning talk about what super power I would have or which characters I would like to see fight to the death. The Hulk vs Thing would be nice.) but it ends there.

Maybe the world really is about to end.

Nah, my moms say that about everything though.

Me and my cousin were joking that White People really are going to think that the world is coming an end = Obama is the President. Anything is truly possible. LOL..I kid, I kid.


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