My thoughts on Madonna’s failed adoption

madonna-malawai-3309-5I’m riding the fence on this story. True enough Madonna’s heart may actually be in the right place, but isn’t it a tad bit weird that she got the urge to adopt when foreign kids started replacing Hemult Lang bags on the arms of celebs? Had she went about adopting this child in a somewhat secretive manner (if at all possible) then I would believe her.

Then comes the issue that this little girl could have a better life. Although it would be filled with nannies instead of an actual adopted mother and unfortunate and unnecessary photo opts whenever she is  carried out of the house. True enough she would be missing out of a private education, play dates with other adopted foreign children in the states, I do believe she will be missing the most important thing, which is love.

So because of the lack of money, I’m sad the child didn’t get adopted but I think she will have a better life (not material wise) life if she were adopted by someone else.

But Madonna there are thousand upon thousand of Malawi teenagers you could adopt. No their not as cute as a baby, but need the same thing they do: a home.


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