this months ‘Glamour’

In this months Glamour they did a photoshoot for female American Icons and here are my faves:

Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn


Her dress is KILLER and the Loubintins look like they can do some damage but are stellar. I love Emma because she’s so squeaky clean, just like me!

Emma Stone as Carrie Bradshaw


As crazy as this is going to sound, I want to have this blown up as a poster to place in between my Radio Raheem poster and Eddie Murphy in that God awful purple skintight suit. Sarah Jessica Parker is so proud, I’m sure.

And lastly, but the best, Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama


I truly don’t have anything to say about this one because it really does speak for itself. I love Glamour because the entire magazine isn’t about sex. And if I rocked heels (i’m 5’9 and I feel mad treeish in heels) I would most hit up the spots they recommend.

Did this post scare you? No matter how hard I try to beat the chic girl in me down with all night schooling Ms.Pacman sessisons with my cousins, or lounging in the den watching and quoting Eddie Murphy with my pops or even  standing around in a cricle with my crew of stupid fucks and just talking shit about each other (sorry that you get the worst of it Mr.Mark, but your Sherman Klump looking ass needs to stop with the midnight snacks of whole chickens and hit the gym a time or two. This dude sings about and to food. Who does shit like that? Mark be dancing in line a McDonald’s. He eats tuna with cheese. He always has Cheeto stained fingertips. When he burps all you smell is Doritos.Let me stop. I ruined the apology.Fuck.) I act like a female from time to time. And excuse the misuse of my helping verb a few lines up.


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