‘Project Runway’ monster got arrested

kenleyzacI hated Kenly’s rude ass on ‘Project Runway’. And I was beyond mad when this banshee went to Bryant Park and Jerell went home. But I was mad happy when I read this:

“Designer Kenley Collins of ‘Project Runway’ fame was arrested and charged March 17 for allegedly attacking her ex-fiance with several household items, including a laptop computer, apples, water and … a cat. After getting released on bail, she said the whole thing “was a miscommunication” and simply “a break up that went badly.”

You got dropped and got arrested. Big ass smile.


2 Responses to “‘Project Runway’ monster got arrested”

  1. he said, she said Says:

    Monster? Really? Never watched the show but I will look this chick up on Youtube.

  2. she is so hot

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