Keep your eye on: Illecism

IllecismOver at On Smash!, Kid Legend posted this dark dudes freestyle entitled “Gossip“. I listened. I liked it. So I did some homework ( google word search) on this dark skinned male and somehow ended up Vimeo. And there I found the song that is going to be my theme song until August 6 rolls around and I turn 20. The beat is bananas is so ______ ( can’t find the word to describe it)! Peep the video from awhile ago at the Java Lounge. Watch this and get lifted.

Did you see the white boy? Did you laugh as hard as I did? I had to minimize it to focus on the lyrics because his hopping, jumping and autisticdancing got to me. Then they (the people on “stage” with mics) did the running man( the madness starts at the 2:39 mark)? That is why you don’t take everybody with you to Hollywood because they don’t know how it to act. Are you listening Keyshia Cole?

Peep his Myspace. And don’t say a damn thing about his picture.


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  1. he said, she said Says:


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