Rihanna too ashamed to be seen with Chris


I thought that just maybe the circus around these two was about to die down, but I guess not.

“Rihanna is worried about the response she’ll receive when people see her out and about holding hands with Chris,” a friend of the Barbadian songstress has been quoted as telling Britain’s Star magazine. “She still loves Chris very much and, although she’s forgiven him privately, she’s not prepared for the backlash from her fans.”

I’m not going to say anything about this because although I blog and talk nothing but shit, I know when to keep my mouth closed out of respect. But once again, this is all Oprah’s fault.



2 Responses to “Rihanna too ashamed to be seen with Chris”

  1. Yeah was really disappointed in oprah for her comment cos you cannot advice anyone without knowing the details of their situation by talking to them. but if its true that she hits chris she should be more ashamed of that and deal with that immediately.

  2. Deirdre B Pride Says:

    People worship Oprah. She should have done that shout out to Rihanna directly to Rihanna. She’s just looking to get first dibs on an interview. Gale’s nobody azz needs sit down.

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