Remember that chimp that went apeshit?

wtf kinda smile is that?The family of a Connecticut woman whose face and hands were torn apart by a pet chimpanzee plans to sue the primate’s owner for $50 million.

In legal papers filed Monday in Superior Court in Stamford, relatives of Charla Nash signaled they are seeking an accounting of Sandy Herold’s assets and a court order that would stop her from liquidating her assets.

I’m sure you know by now that the victim has no lips, eye lids, hands nor a nose and also may suffer from brain damage and might be blind. She is also still in critical condition. The part that I don’t get is why in the hell was the owner sleeping, bathing and eating with the chimp. I blame Micheal Jackson and that damn Bubbles for this one. He gave this weird ass woman hope that she can replace people with wild animals. This is our one and only world, my Orpah spare us.



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