I think she is getting ready to take off.

Miss NanaI checked my email and I had a email from Miss Nana. In the email she was talking about how I told it how it was and all that goodness. So I went over to Youtube to check her out. And I found a goldmine of videos like this:

If you can get past how cute she is, homegirl has a crazy flow that I haven’t heard in awhile. In these days were we don’t have a decent female MC to rock the mic (Lil Kim’s Barbie doll wanna be ass is on ‘Dancing with the Stars’, Foxxy Brown went deaf and broke, Remi Ma is in Rikers, Charlie B.More has become irrelevant…should I continue? I wonder what MC Lyte, The Real Roxanne, The Queen, Sparky D and Dimple D are thinking right now? I even had high expectations for Lil Mama and yes, even that damn ‘google me’ clown. But fame got to them.)

If you dug lil Miss Nana like I do, I’ll peep her website. The Critic stands behind 100 Miss Nana.


4 Responses to “I think she is getting ready to take off.”

  1. foxy brown is not deaf anymore.. nor is she broke.

    google search her “brooklyn we go hard remix” and “bust it anywhere” .. she spittin firee.

  2. Thankss for showing me love. I do my homework on the people who was with me before I make it the top..
    god bless


  3. Francisca Says:

    thx 4 making this website! i luv missnana!

  4. mariah aka ThaTspyce from utube Says:

    Its always an honor to even get a e mail from a star. Now our community has a roll model. Thank u and u to deaf fa da rest of tha lames who make bad decisions.u are already at the top. And ima keep ya name in my mouth mos def.

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