Rihanna rumored to remake ‘The Bodyguard’



Rihanna was in New York City Friday which is where the above flick is from. It’s rumored that she is in talks about remaking Whitney’s ‘The Bodyguard’ and even doing another ‘Charlie’s Angels’. Now ‘The Bodygurad’ holds a special place in my heart: that was the last movie my deceased aunt ever saw and I saw it with her. Enough of the emotional stuff, I’m kinda iffy on Rihanna acting. I hope she can prove me wrong because  one her voice is no where near Whitney’s and simply I can’t wrap my mind around her having acting skills. I think she could nail the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ role though. But like I said, maybe she’ll prove me wrong.

Every time I heard that I get chills and tear up. Whitney sang the hell out of that song.

[source, flick source]

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