Emo Rappers: Explain XXL.

Kanye WestSo over at XXL, the staff posted an article titled “Emo Trippin“. As always, they just had to pick with Kanye West and his performance at the Youth Inaugural Ball. And of course they attempted to chop Kanye for his New Edition shag and his tuxedo. Okay XXL, why in the hell are you attempting to bash Kanye about being emo (Heartless, which,despite what they think, is a certified banger) but haven’t touched on Lil Wayne for this Prom Queen shit? This damn Tree Monkey (Superhead speak) really does think that his ass is a rockstar huh? I haven’t seen a article about how high school emo schoolboy Wayne sounds though.I leave you with this:

“And no matter what, you’ll never take that from me/ My reign is as far as my eye can see”–“Amazing”


One Response to “Emo Rappers: Explain XXL.”

  1. she said, he said Says:

    why is that nigga in short pants AND a leather jacket???

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