CNN coverage of Chris+Rihanna

zit poppinIsn’t CNN supposeto report world, news not Hollywood news? I’m rather annoyed by CNN lately. Let’s see, tonight the top and only stories they have to report are going to be the Lady in the Shoe (OctoMom), Chris’ day in court and Haleigh Cummings. It never changes. Now, I’venever seen Chris or Rhianna on CNN until now. But this is my blog and my thoughts.


2 Responses to “CNN coverage of Chris+Rihanna”

  1. fuck you chris brown ….he should be purnished for is purposely and intentionally did .I cant imagine such does exit again in life .I cherich you rihanna

  2. she said, he said Says:

    she popping zits and shit….thats young love at it’s best

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