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Brother beheads 5 year old sister

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To be completely honest, the has got to be one of the saddest stories that I’ve ever heard of.

An hour after she finished rehearsal for an upcoming poetry reading, Samantha was dead on the floor of her family’s home. She had been stabbed, police say, by her 23-year-old brother. Kerby Revelus then decapitated his 5-year-old sister as her birthday cake from the day before sat on the kitchen table, before turning on his 9-year-old sister, who called police. [continue]

I can’t understand murder at all but it’s even harder for me to wrap my mind around taking the lives of your own sisters. My prays and heart go out to the remaining family members and even I pray for his soul.


some ‘X-Men Orgins: Wolverine’ flicks

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To quote Rev.Brown: “Man can’t make it like that”. Well in this case, they kinda did. If you like what you see (and I know you do) click the link.

And your welcome.

NEW VIDEO: Keri’s ‘Knock You Down’

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OMG! you listened to that bitch?!” — Kanye West

I promise I didn’t know what to expect from Ms.Keri because it seems that it took forever for her to make something of her own. I mean she was featured of a song or two, still penning songs for others and in everybody’s damn video. So when I would check Crunk+Disorderly and see flicks of her I was like, who the duck is she?

But I do like the video and the song itself. I’m not gonna front, I would have never thought to do a track with Kanye and Ne-yo, but it’s a hot one.

Kudos Keri, I dig it.

Prince on Leno

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Prince is a pretty ass man. He looks better then 97% of the women that I know and he’s make up is ever flawless. But back to the performance, I was interested from jumstreet but I was chessin and nodding at the 2:48 mark then that solo happened and I was like this. Was that a hint of Jimi Hendrix I sense?

Nice job pretty Prince.

‘Bruno’ got the NC-17 rating

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has he always been this hot????I love Sacha Baron Cohen when he’s in character! I’ve been a fan since the ‘Ali G show’ days.  Well it looks like his newest movie may be pushing the limits a tad bit:

“Among the scenes reportedly causing the most issues: one in which flamboyant fashionista Bruno is seen engaging in what appears to be anal sex with another man, and one in which he sneaks, naked, into a tent, unbeknownst to its male occupant.”


The possible NC-17 rating only makes me want to see the movie just that much more. If you haven’t been blessed with the knowledge of who Bruno is, watch the video below.

And your welcome.

JT denies engagement rumors

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and heres the funny part...Last Friday, Justin told Oprah that he is not engaged. I guess Oprah. His real purpose was to promote his clothing line, William Rast. I’m rather tired of celebs having this ‘I can conquer and do all’ attitude. Please stop with the alcohol lines, restaurants, ‘actting’ roles, clothing lines, shoe line, make up lines, record deals and what else you can think of. You think your a brand name, we get it already. But how many of these business ventures make it past the 5 year mark?

Good Morning.

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My, how I’ve missed blogging! My Spring Break was short lived but it felt damn good to not do anything productive all week. But like in years past, I tuned into MTV’s Spring Break (remember that Jerry Springer show they would do doing Spring Break? Those were the good ol days) and this is what I found:

“Take a picture trick, I’m on a boat bitch”

That second versus good hard don’t it? Flippy Floppies.

If you thought that was funny, you should listen/watch ‘Jizz in My Pants’.

And their a legit group by the way, and their album dropped 02/10/09 and I do think it’s worth a listen to.