Time to Criticize…

blackoutAnother blog. Now I hate to do this but this certain blog has taken it’s fan base and truly believes that it is in fact a brand name. The only blogs that I know that should have it’s logo or a catch phrase (clue #1) on a shirt are Fresh (Crunk+Disorderly), Necole Bitchie, The  Creole Pimp (Baby Daniel) and Perez Hilton(homeboy/girl is on tour with Britney Spears FYI). Now I have made many references to this blog and even posted numerouslinks to the blog itself (clue #2) but since this Chris and Rhianna circus has started, that’s all they chose to post! Also, they were the ring leader in this mess by proclaiming that Rhianna gave Chris an STD (clue #3). Last clue, back when I was Lamb Chop and The Urban Blogger was the best place to get an audience, this blog was often the topic of distaste in our forums.


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