Drake vs Trey Songz: Battle of the “Brand New”


Drake’s mixtap “So Far Gone” dropped Friday 13th (like you didn’t already know that). Well one of the tracks that everybody was singing like 2 years ago was “Brand New”. Now I thought for the longest time that Trey supplied the vocals for Drake’s “Brand New” but it was all Drake. Now Mr.Songz went and made his own “Brand New”.



Sorry that you had to listen to Drake’s on IMEEM, Zshare was acting up. But I’ve listened to Trey’s track 3 times straight and I don’t like it. I’ll listen to it a 4th time. I’m sure that chickens are about to start strutting around town boasting about how their “Brand new,fresh out the box”.

The clear winner, on my blog is Drake. Trey, it needs a hell of a lot work to get me to listen to that “I’m a rockstar” heavy track again.


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