New Beef

lily-allen2If your like me, your pass tried about hearing about this “beef” between Tits McGee (Rick Ross) and 50 Cent. I myself think that ish is scripted because 50 just needed a reason to stay in on our blogs and convos. Well move over, there’s a real catfight to talk about. The Queen of all Media (didn’t Wendy Williams already claim that title?), Perez Hilton and Lily Allen got some ground chuck to serve us.

Yes, for most of Monday (February 16), the two duked it out — 140 characters at a time — on the micro-blogging site after Perez wrote a post (er, “Tweet”) letting it be known that Allen was casting for her new video, and that he should be considered for a role in the clip.

The quick-witted Brit fired back — writing “Oh, I’m sorry, we’ve already cast the jealous and bitter lonely old queen role. Next time, eh?” on her Twitter page — and just like that, it was off and running.

“Jealous of who?” Hilton responded. “David Beckham, maybe. And if I wanted to be a f—ed up Brit, I’d rather be Amy Winehouse — whose [sic] got talent.”

The two then exchanged “you’re so obsessed” barbs, before Hilton decided to take the beef to the next level, taking a potshot at the sales of Allen’s just-released album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, which is selling at a low retail price.

“Congrats on your album doing well in America, though,” he wrote. “It’s REALLY HARD to sell copies when u discount it to $3.99. Desperate.”

“It’s also #1 everywhere else in the world, douchebag,” Allen replied. “Go away you little parasite.”

Hilton then tried to play nice — saying that both he and Allen were “big fat c—s,” and that’s why he loves her — then abruptly switched gears, getting catty about ads Allen’s label had purchased to run on his Web site.


I think this is funny and that Ms.Hilton is not to fucked with because once he gets behind a computer screen, he’s vile. This is sad but I sure Lily is “Smiling” about all this.


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