Chris Brown losing support

chris-brown-picture-1I told you this story is becoming a circus. So over at the Rap Basement, they are reporting that T.I. and Terrance Howard have taken back their statements of support and kindness for Chris Brown. When in the hell did T.I. become a “Big Bother” to hip hop? The only reason he’s putting on the show of a “changed man” is because that ass got caught and is about to do time. Looking back on my post about this Chris Brown Rhianna story, my “side” seems unclear. Allow me to clear it up, I feel for Rhianna I really do but I think she is needs to get some of this bad press too. Chris wasn’t the only one in that car nor relationship. I’ve never prayed for a celebrity (other than Aaliyah) but I will truly put and keep Chris in my prayers because this is some shit.


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