**Necole Bitchie exclusive

Necole_BitchieToday I checked my email and Necole Bitchie had emailed me (yeah that’s a big ass picture but this was the best the Google had). Chris Brown’s aunt called up TT Torrez and (in my mind) set a lot of rumors straight like the herpes rumor (side eye to Bossip). Head over to Necole Bitchie and listen to this exclusive and unexpected phone interview.

I will say this and I will say no more, I truly can’t believe Chris Brown would do anything intentional to hurt Rhianna and I also believe that Rhianna nagged him on. At the end of the day, Chris is a man. Women have the problem of getting brolic with a man thinking that he wouldn’t hit her ass. I feel for Chris Brown, I really do. This story is really becoming a circus.


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