How do you show love?

black20coupleToday in one of my classes we held a topic about love and the 5 Languages of Love. So if you didn’t click the link, here’s what you missed:

  1. Words of Affirmation- compliments or voicing appreciation.
  2. Acts of Service- washing their car, cooking or taking out the trash out just because. In other words, the things women desire men to want to without us telling them to.
  3. Gifts- don’t break the bank but it’s honestly and truly the thought that matters. And do it just because. Valentines day, birthdays and¬†Christmas gifts aren’t just because.
  4. Quality Time- This doesn’t not mean sitting on the couch together watching the Idiot Box. Take a road trip with just you two.
  5. Physical Touch- Kisses, hugs or even a touch on the arm.

Now that you know the 5 Languages of Love, you should take this quiz. I was greatly shocked to find that my desired way to receive love is by quality time but it does explain way I’ve been nagging at a certain someone. I do believe that it’s wise to ask your loved one (may they be your boyfriend, husband, friend..) so that you know how they need to be shown love. For some, words are just enough but others, your simple acts of service are it. But I just thought I would share this you being that Valentines Day is almost upon us.


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