Beat it like a cop car


So the net is buzzing with all things Chris Brown as of last night. Here’s the back story (like you don’t already know) but the word is that Chris and a unknown woman (Rhianna) had an argument that turned into a smack fest on her (Rhianna) part. Now I’ve heard that Rhianna has a black eye and Bossip is reporting that the reason she (Rhianna) got the back hand is because she gave him Herpes. I do remember those pictures of her and that ugly like sore around her mouth now that I think about it. I can’t even enjoy home boy’s take on “Slow dancing in a burning room” because my mind is racing with mental video of how this slap went down. Violence is never funny but it’s CHRIS BROWN! The dude who sang “I got friends/you got friends/they hop out and you hop in” and I know you can finish that. This is some Bobby and Whitney type shit.


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