He was lost but now he’s found

camronLook what the Asian cat drug in yesterday and posted her infamous blog (Miss Info). I can’t lie, I was rather happy that this cunt muscle (Ari Gold speak) was M.I.A. He’s lame as fuck in my book and the only thing of his that I even half way like was “Paid in Full”. I am one of those rare black people who couldn’t feed into the hype about “State Property” part one or two. I remember when “SP 2” hit the theaters, the guy that I was crushing on at the time, damn near lost his mind and my interest, when we would be on the phone and the commerical would come on. A year or two later I sat down on and watched the first _____ (can’t think of the right word to describe it) movie and it was less then satisfying. But hey what do I know, I don’t even watch BET nor VH1 anymore.  Below is a classic scene from “Paid in Full”.


One more thing, doesn’t “Killa Cam” look mad “healthy”?


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