Flight of the Conchords


I was wondering if there were any Bret and Germain fans out there? I can’t lie, I’ve never heard of these two until I saw the commerical for the show and Germain was performing “Sugalumps” . After I watched the show I  felt kind of dumb but I couldn’t get “You don’t have to be a Prostitue” the next day in class so I had to hop on the pc and get my fix. The second season for their genesis show just started. Don’t sleep on HBO Comedy because this and “Entourage” is all I need to get my jollies. I’m so ready for summer to roll around so that I can hear Ari Gold and his insults to Lloyd’s cute Asian self. But if you haven’t hear the Flight of the Conchords in action, watch the Youtube video below.


I know you liked that, right?


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