Time to criticize: Lupe Fiasco

lupefiasco-bw1Let me make this as clear as I can, I absolute adore this man. Now having said that, Lu what the duck happened on “The Cool”? He went from the underdog who was fine with that label and didn’t boast about this skills, but let his music speak for itself, as it should. Then he crept away, a la Kelis, spent a few more hours in the lab  and watched BET to find the right formula that would make him more mainstream. So what did we get for his efforts? “The Cool”. Not don’t get me wrong, he does have some “jaw droppin, ear poppin” (copyright Stephen Colbert) tracks but nothing that even compares to “American Terrorist” from “Food and Liquor”. “The Cool” does have more tracks that I’ll mostly likely hear on my local radio but at what price? What I’m saying is this: he’s too mainstream. I love new artist whom do have a purpose but I greatly lose interest in them after the music industry gets to them. Peep the fan made video for “American Terrorist” below.


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