Crank that…

souljadance2_468x312When will these “Crank that…” dances stop? Let’s see there’s crank that Superman, Crank that Homeless man, Crank that Ricky bobby, Crank that Temptations, Crank that bird walk. Then there are dances such as ‘My Dougie’, the Stanky leg, the Booty-do and so on. Are these dances legitimate? Are these dances all the rave at our local Jr. High schools? When will it stop? The future is grim for any future dance move to be made because it looks as if we’re clusterfucked when it comes time for family get togethers. I know damn well that my grandmother will not ‘Crank that Bird walk’ nor she does have a ‘Dougie’. Maybe this is all some humiliating ruse by Flava Flav…yeah, that’s what it is…since his ass looks like a real live Blackface, we all should act like one.


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