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New Music: Bow Wow

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bow-wow-music-tt01Bow Wow went back to the studio to creat yet another song for the ladies. The lyrics aren’t for the ladies however, the actual music is however. I really don’t Bow Wow as a “rapper” but he’s pretty decent as an actor. I was joyful when he was on “Entourage” or “Roll Bounce”. But watch the video below and be the critic for  change.


Some Oprah funny

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All this talk about Oprah has me itching to watch Debora Wilson as The Almighty Oprah on a skit on Mad TV…

Gotta love that Debora Wilson!


Senator Oprah???

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Today is the starting day for Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s impeachment trail which he is boycotting and feels his time would be better spent on doing interviews on the talk show circut. Eh. But early this morning on Good Morning America, he confrimed to Diana Swayer that he did in fact consider Oprah to take President Obama’s old Senate seat. Now if this were to ever happen, then I do believe it wouldn’t be long before the Almighty Oprah would be ruling the world. She gave out cars just because she could, what have you done for the people lately Hilary? Click this to get the CNN report. And keep your ears and eyes on all things Oprah to get her thoughts on this

Crank that…

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souljadance2_468x312When will these “Crank that…” dances stop? Let’s see there’s crank that Superman, Crank that Homeless man, Crank that Ricky bobby, Crank that Temptations, Crank that bird walk. Then there are dances such as ‘My Dougie’, the Stanky leg, the Booty-do and so on. Are these dances legitimate? Are these dances all the rave at our local Jr. High schools? When will it stop? The future is grim for any future dance move to be made because it looks as if we’re clusterfucked when it comes time for family get togethers. I know damn well that my grandmother will not ‘Crank that Bird walk’ nor she does have a ‘Dougie’. Maybe this is all some humiliating ruse by Flava Flav…yeah, that’s what it is…since his ass looks like a real live Blackface, we all should act like one.

New Music: The Dream

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New Music was posted from The Dream today on The Urban Blogger. This new track is titled “I’m not ok”. I’m listening as I type but I’m just not into the song. However, homeboy has skills so I’m sure it’ll be a hit.

McCain on Larry King tonight!

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McCain 2008So Larry King has snagged a interview with Senator John McCain tonight on Larry King Live. I can only imagine the questions that are going to be asked.

Time to criticize: Lupe Fiasco

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lupefiasco-bw1Let me make this as clear as I can, I absolute adore this man. Now having said that, Lu what the duck happened on “The Cool”? He went from the underdog who was fine with that label and didn’t boast about this skills, but let his music speak for itself, as it should. Then he crept away, a la Kelis, spent a few more hours in the lab  and watched BET to find the right formula that would make him more mainstream. So what did we get for his efforts? “The Cool”. Not don’t get me wrong, he does have some “jaw droppin, ear poppin” (copyright Stephen Colbert) tracks but nothing that even compares to “American Terrorist” from “Food and Liquor”. “The Cool” does have more tracks that I’ll mostly likely hear on my local radio but at what price? What I’m saying is this: he’s too mainstream. I love new artist whom do have a purpose but I greatly lose interest in them after the music industry gets to them. Peep the fan made video for “American Terrorist” below.